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Hi There! 
I'm Bridget...
Your Officiant !

My name is Bridget M. Shoup, I'm a Non-Denominational Ordained Minster born & raised in Southern California and living in Phoenix, Arizona ! 

I’ve always had a deep passion in assisting others live their happiness, best life!  I believe that everyone regardless of your religion, ethnicity, or sexual preference has the right to finding and committing to the love of their life!

With this philosophy in mind I founded Magickal Weddings by: Bridget in 2019, where I Officiate your Wedding making it the most Magickal day! 

I’ll work day and night to guarantee that your wedding will be filled with unforgettable Magickal Moments!  

Let's make your Magickal Wedding happen! 

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Do We have to have premarital counseling?

This is not required at all with me!

How long does a typical ceremony last?

Typically about  15-30 minutes. 
The awesome thing is that is YOUR day, so we can make it as long or as short as you'd like! When you book your consultation, we go over all these details!

Can we write our Own vows?

Absolutely!! This is your Magickal Wedding and I encourage you to do so if it calls to you. 
If not, there are always other options that we will cover during your consultation!

Are there any restrictions during the ceremony?

Again, this is your Magickal Day and I'm here to make your Dream Wedding come true! What ever you can imagine and conjure up, I'm game!

Where can you perform the ceremony?

Being a Non-Demoniational Minster, I'm open to Officiating your Wedding any where you'd like to go!  Be it a house of worship, or outdoors... I will Marry you anywhere! No restrictions with me!

What are your fees?

My mission is to make your Magickal Wedding memorable, fun and affordable without all the silly premarital counseling!

My starting price is $200 (travel fees may apply)  and goes up from there. 

Check out my pricing in my book online section for more info. 

When you decide to sign with me, all fees are due in full at the time of signing. 

Are you available  if I have additional questions?

YES! Absolutely! 

It's my goal to make your day the most Magickal day! 

After you sign with me, I'm always available to answer any questions you might have!  You can contact me via FaceTime, Skype, Phone or text.  

I'm there to help support you along the way! 

What authority do you have to have in order to perform a legal Marriage?

I am an Ordained Minster and with that have the authority to legally perform your Wedding ceremony. 

See my Certificate of Ordination above. 

Are you able to Officiant my Wedding if I don't live in Arizona ?

I am legally authorized to perform and Officiate Weddings in the state of Arizona.   

If you'd like me to Officiant your Wedding outside of AZ, I may have to register as an Officiant where you live, at no extra charge to you. 

However, travel fees would be required. 

When do you sign the Marriage License? Before or After the Ceremony?


I require you to meet up with me immediately following the ceremony. 

I stay 30 minutes after the ceremony ends in order to take care of the signing responsibilities. 

I do expect you to present me with the Marriage License before the start of the ceremony!

During your contract signing with me, you agree that you will provide your valid Marriage License and that 

Both Client’s and  2 Witnesses, agree to met up with Me, The Officiant AFTER the Ceremony to compete the Marriage License to make the Marriage official. 

I'm also open to do the signing BEFORE the ceremony,  

allowing you to be able to celebrate at the conclusions of your Ceremony without any interruptions !   We will discuss your preference when you sign your contract. 

Is it ok to include our Pets in the Ceremony?

YES, of course! 
Your Fur Babies can be a part of your Magickal day, however... you can not Marry your pet!

Does it matter my Religion or Sexual preference for a Marriage with you Officiating?


I'm open and available to make EVERYONE'S Wedding a Magickal one !

I believe that everyone deserves to find their happily ever after and it fills me with so much joy to be able to make that Magick happen for you! 

We are all one! 

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